Sunrise Engagement Session at Washington Pass // Cascades

August 20, 2020

This sunrise engagement session at Washington Pass filled me with so much dopamine! First off, my favorite thing to do is photograph couples. My second favorite thing to do is camp at or visit a National Park. This engagement session encompassed both of these favorite things – so you know that I was loving it the entire time!

North Cascades National Park is about a two-hour drive from Seattle, so Matt and I drove up the Friday night before. We planned to meet my couple on Saturday evening for their session. By the time we arrived on Friday though, all of the campsites at the park had been filled. This made us decide to drive about an hour north and camp near Washington Pass!

I’m so glad that we did this because we were able to see more of the landscape. After we drove through the pass, I knew that I had to ask Jake and Martha to shoot again the next morning. They were up for it!

We set up camp that night at the Colonial Creek Campground before starting their sunset session. Our campsite happened to be within walking distance of a little beach so we started there then finished up at the Lake Diablo overlook!

The next morning, we woke up around an hour before sunrise and made the forty-minute drive to the pass!

After shooting this sunset and sunrise session back-to-back, I realized that I wanted to do more back-to-back sessions. Especially if it means that we can all camp together! I loved having the time to connect with and I think that their photos are all the better for it.

The Pacific Northwest continues to blow my mind with its beauty and this was definitely a location to remember. Check out some of my other favorite engagement session locations here!


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Hello. Your pictures are amazing! This place is magical and one of my all time favorite spots. I too am a chaser of Sunrises.

Hi Terry! Thank you so much for your comment! A sunrise at Washington Pass is hard to beat.