Jaki // Professional Headshots in Studio

June 15, 2022

I loved being able to bring Jaki into The Studio in downtown Seattle recently to swap some professional headshots! We were able to catch the studio at the PERFECT time of day and really utilize the light and shadows created by the blinds from the wall to wall windows in the room. Jaki is a photographer herself and she is so comfortable in front of the camera! She really knows her angles and understands light so it made getting a great photo almost effortless. These more relaxed type of professional headshots are my favorite.

Everyone has a professional headshot, in a suit, with their arms folded. That doesn’t tell me ANYTHING about you. I believe in bringing some personality to your headshots. Whether they’re meant for your dating profile or your LinkedIn, you’re going to demand a lot more attention when you put yourself into your professional headshots.

Having the studio lately has been so great since it’s provided the perfect opportunity to swap professional headshots with some of my photographer friends, like Jaki. It’s been so nice to get updated professional photos of myself! I haven’t been on the other side of the camera in a while!

If you think you’re awkward in front of a camera, I promise you’re not alone. I am the QUEEN of weird faces and “why is my hand doing that?” My problem is that I need to get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera! I tend to overthink everything when I am getting my photo taken (which is what you DON’T want to do).

Fun fact! This studio is available for rent, and you can book it right here for your own professional headshots or portraits! Here’s another set of portraits taken at The Studio!