Greenhouse Couples Portraits // Seattle, WA

November 30, 2022

I grabbed my friends and took them to a greenhouse in downtown Seattle for some greenhouse couples portraits! I loved the depth and interest that the plants created as they were nestled around them. These portraits are super cozy, cuddly, and romantic. Just what you imagine photos in a greenhouse to be!

I had been wanting to take greenhouse couples portraits for a while now and after this quick little shoot, I will definitely be back for more. This little greenhouse is available for rent on their Instagram here. They have a bathtub that they can fill up with water or even bubbles for you and string lights drape the interior so you’re prime to shoot at any time of day! I would love to get back in here to do some boudoir or even a family session.

Green is my favorite color, so I will always accept a chance to photograph near plants. I was even able to break my film camera out for a few shots, but I think I will blog about those separately! I have been shooting film more and more lately, it is now available as a session or wedding add-on. Just ask me about it!

You might recognize Kristen from this blog post, where we recreated some Euphoria vibes!