In-Home Boudoir Session // Seattle Boudoir Photography

January 11, 2022

This fun and sexy in-home boudoir session had me ready to move in. I mean, how CUTE is this little cottage? I have never seen a better spot for a natural light in-home boudoir session. It was almost as though every inch of the house was made with taking photos in mind. From the huge windows that give plenty of natural light to the carefully chosen decor that would fit anyone’s vibe!

It was hard to stop shooting portraits when it was time for me to leave. When you see the photos you’ll understand why! She was feeling herself and her energy was infectious! We had music playing, champagne flowing, and even did some dancing.

The In-Home Boudoir Session Secret

Now I have a little secret about in-home boudoir sessions, they don’t actually have to be in YOUR home! This little cottage was actually an Airbnb. When we were ready to pick a location and date I hopped on Airbnb and made a list of my favorite spots with good natural light and trendy decor! Once I had that list together I sent to my client and she chose her favorite! This cottage won out because it had a piano and little plant corner.

When trying to choose a spot that is going to be your “home” for your in-home session, find a place that looks like you’d feel at home. She played piano and loved to care for plants! These two things stood out to her and we made sure to utilize them in her photos.


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