Dog-Friendly Studio Portrait Session // Seattle

December 16, 2022

I had the pleasure of capturing some seriously adorable moments during a recent dog-friendly studio portrait session with the amazing Rae and her furry best friend, Khali. It was so heartwarming to see the incredible bond between the two of them, and I loved being able to capture it on camera!

The studio, located right in the heart of downtown Seattle, was the perfect setting for our shoot. With its unique lighting and playful vibe, we were able to create some truly magical moments. We even got to play around with the blinds and use them to create some really cool effects!

As a pet lover myself, I always jump at the opportunity to work with animals during my sessions. Seeing the joy on both Rae’s and Khali’s faces was so amazing, and it’s moments like these that make my job so incredibly fulfilling.

If you’re looking to capture some beautiful memories with your furry best friend, I’d love to help make it happen! My studio is dog-friendly, and I’m always happy to welcome your beloved pets into the space. So why not reach out and schedule your own session today?