Washington Helicopter Elopements

Helicopter elopements are becoming more popular as people flock toward having unique and experience-driven wedding days. Lucky for us, as far as Washington helicopter elopements go, we could not be more fortunate with gorgeous terrain. Alpine lakes and beautiful mountain views fill the Washington Cascades, Olympics and surrounding areas.

Our pilot has dedicated extensive scouting time to finding safe, stable landing spots in the most gorgeous Washington locations for helicopter elopements. These locations are remote and private. Oftentimes leaving us the only people around for miles!


How to Prepare for Washington Helicopter Elopements

Wanting to learn more about how to prepare for a helicopter elopement? Check out this handy guide written by our pilot George Coiner.

Alpine Lake Elopement

Mountainside Elopement

Imagine exchanging vows on the bank of an alpine lake in the summer, followed up by a champagne pop and a dip in the lake! The helicopter even has space to bring your inflatable kayak or paddle board!

Picture stepping out of a helicopter and onto the crest of a mountain top at sunset, you say your vows and greet the night with a cup of freshly brewed espresso before returning home to a twilight flight over the city!

Interested in eloping, but not by helicopter? Washington is covered in mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls and beaches that are all accessible by car or foot. Let's plan an adventure!

Let's throw out the anxiety of planning a big wedding and open a world of possibilities by planning your elopement!