June 29, 2021

Summer Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement Session // North Bend, WA

This last week I finally made the trek up to Rattlesnake Ridge! I had been wanting to hike Rattlesnake Ledge Trail since the day that Matt and I moved to Seattle. We had planned to hike it a few times over the last year and a half, but each time the weather wound up not being great. It’s not much fun to hike up to an overlook if you can’t see anything once you’re there! Thankfully during the summer, we tend to have a lot of clear days and when Peter and Jordan selected Rattlesnake Ledge as their June engagement session location I was so excited! We packed up all of our gear and made it to the top in around an hour. Once we were there we realized it was fairly crowded around the main part of the rock. I like to have a little more isolation for sessions so we climbed down to the bottom of the ledge for some privacy – it wound up being a killer view of the lake! Peter is like a mountain goat, he was running up and down the rock grabbing our bags, and helping us find trails to take. Would you believe it if I said he also climbed the stairs at Golden Gardens the morning before this 5-mile hike? I’d like an ounce of that energy, please! Jordan wore this gorgeous blue dress with a high slit so I knew we had to get a lot of movement with her skirt, check out some of the slow blur shots we wound up getting!


Oh wowwww these Rattlesnake Ledge engagement photos are so perfect! So many gorgeous shots that show the epic landscape and their unique personalities! Great work!