Helicopter Anniversary Portrait Session // Washington

May 15, 2022

This recent anniversary portrait session on a snow-covered mountaintop was an absolutely incredible experience. After flying to the top in a helicopter, we were greeted by stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Despite the cold, these two were in high spirits and ready to celebrate their anniversary in style.

As soon as we landed on the mountaintop, we popped open bottles of champagne and toasted to their love and their marriage. The bubbles and the laughter added a touch of joy and excitement to the shoot, and the cold weather only made the moment feel that much more special and intimate.

As we began the photo shoot, the views around us were absolutely breathtaking. The snow-covered landscape stretched out in every direction, and the mountain peaks rose up to meet the clear blue sky. We took our time, capturing the beauty and the joy of the moment, and our clients were absolutely radiant in their love and happiness.

Overall, our anniversary portrait session on the snow-covered mountaintop was an absolutely unforgettable experience. The views were stunning, the champagne was flowing, and the love between our clients was truly inspiring. It was a day that we will never forget, and we are so grateful to have been able to capture these beautiful and special memories for our clients.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your anniversary? This helicopter anniversary portrait session took us over Seattle and to a mountaintop overlooking Rainier!

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