How to Take Better Selfies with Your Partner

February 8, 2023

Tips from a Professional Photographer: How to Take Better Selfies with your Partner

Taking selfies with your partner can be one of the best ways to document your special moments together. But, if you’re like me, you want those images to look great and really capture the love between you two! As a professional photographer, here are my top tips for taking better, more natural selfies with your partner.

Use a Tripod
The key to getting great selfies is having stability in the camera and control of the angles you’re getting. I recommend investing in a good tripod so that you’re able to set up either your phone or camera to grab the photo for you. Plus, it allows you both to relax while taking pictures instead of having one person work on trying to keep the camera steady!

Find Good Lighting
Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, make sure there is plenty of light. Natural light during the daytime is always best but if that’s not an option, make sure there are plenty of light sources around. This will help create even lighting across both of your faces and make for better selfies!

Use a Remote
Having someone else take the photo can be difficult when it comes to setting up shots and angles. To avoid this problem altogether, I suggest using a remote control shutter release – this way you can both get into position and hit the button without worrying about blurry photos or wonky angles. It also ensures that no one has their arm stretched out for too long!

Get Cozy Together
Get close and cozy with each other – this helps create a more natural feeling photo. Move around with each other and don’t be afraid to get close or embrace each other; it will make for much more natural-looking pictures that truly capture how much fun you have together!

Change Up Perspectives
Use the tripod to shoot from above, far away, and close up. Don’t get stuck using one perspective! The key to getting a good variety of photographs is always changing the way you’re setting up the frame! The possibilities really are endless if you allow yourself to get creative.

Taking better selfies with your partner doesn’t have to be hard – all it takes is some preparation and planning! With these tips, you can ensure that every selfie looks amazing and captures all the love between the two of you. So grab that tripod, get close together, find some good lighting, use a remote shutter release…and let the fun begin! Happy selfiing!