How to Relax on Your Wedding Day // Wedding Planning Tips

December 18, 2021

How to Relax on Your Wedding Day

by Seattle Wedding Photographer Lindsey Paradiso


Are you a high-stress or high-anxiety individual like myself and trying to figure out how to relax on your wedding day? I have compiled some of my best tips for calming yourself the morning of your wedding.

Before reading through them, remember that your wedding can look like anything you want it to! If you want to spend your morning swimming in the lake or at the gym, do it. If something is going to help you relax on your wedding day, it is completely okay for you to carve out that time for yourself!


12 Tips to Help Your Relax on Your Wedding Day


Get to bed early!

I am sure I don’t have to tell you that your wedding day is going to be a LONG day! Get a lot of sleep the night before so that you’re able to be rested and able to sustain your energy the whole day.


Lay out all of your accessories, details and your dress items the night before!

Being prepared with your dress and details saves me time trying to find them all when I get there and it also keeps you from forgetting anything!


Carve out time to practice mindfulness!

Whether you practice yoga (Yoga with Adriene is currently my favorite) or you do simple breathing exercises, being intentional and carving out a time to decompress will help lower your stress for the day! There are a lot of great new mindfulness apps that help with this!



Don’t forget to eat!

I know how easily it is to forget to eat something when you’re distracted and feel like there are a million things going on. Plan some snacks through the morning and day!


Treat yourself!

Reserve time to pamper yourself, either with a warm bath or even massage). Yes, really! Thinking a massage? Some massage therapists will actually travel to you and massage you in your getting ready space.


Plan extra time for hair and makeup!

Always plan for hair and makeup to take at least 20 minutes longer than you’re planning for it to take. Padding this extra time in there will keep you from stressing if the timeline winds up running a little behind!



Allow people to help you!

You planned all of this already, it’s time to enjoy your day. Your wedding day is the time to release everything and allow your friends, family, planner, and photographer to take good care of you! It’s time to enjoy seeing your vision come to life!


Choose a calming scent to represent the day!

Spray the scent throughout the day and take a moment to focus all of your sense on the smell. Use this to center yourself and relax on your wedding day!


Hit play on some fun tunes!

Nothing sets a vibe like music! Have your closest friends put together a fun playlist of all of their favorites for you to jam to while you get ready. As a little bonus here are some of my curated playlists: throwbacks, groove, happy, my heart



Get the celebrations going with some champagne!

While we don’t want to overdo it with the alcohol as that can cause stress and anxiety, having a a glasses of champagne or wine in the morning is the perfect way to loosen up!


Surround yourself with calming energies!

Don’t allow the pressures of upsetting people control who you choose to allow around you on your special day. Be deliberate when choosing your wedding party and guest list. Surround yourself with people whose energies you know will help calm and invigorate you on the day!


Finally, allow extra time for everything!

If you’re able to, it’s always best to book more coverage time than you think you need so that you’re able to really space out the timeline generously. This added time allows for breaks in between everything which leads to you feeling more rested and less rushed!


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