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Advice for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

My couples and I don't get to talk about every single thing during the planning process, so I decided to put all of my favorite "tips to make everything go as smoothly as possible" in one place!


How to Get the Best Wedding Photos: and Have the Best Experience While Doing it


Why I Wrote This Guide

This guide is meant to help you get the “best” wedding photos and enjoy your experience while doing it! I like to put “best” in quotations because the definition of what is “best” is subjective. It varies from couple to couple.

I don’t always have time to communicate all of this in advance, so I decided to put everything together in one place for you. These planning tips for your timeline, lighting and family lists help ensure you get the best coverage for your wedding day. Not only will these tips and tricks make for better photos, they will make also keep your photography experience as stress-free as possible.


The Secret to Amazing Wedding Photos

What is the secret to getting magazine worthy wedding photos? The big secret everyone wants to know is: that we plan ahead! My younger self is screaming. That can’t be possible! It’s gotta be luck, right? I used to love doing things on the fly, but now I know how important structure is. When structure is lacking, there isn’t as much room for creativity and there is too much room for miscommunication.


Timing is Everything

Coverage time is one of the most important things to consider when you’re envisioning your dream wedding album. Do you love creative wedding photos? Set aside more portrait time. Do you want a lot of beautiful detail photos? Make sure to plan time in the morning specifically for details.


Storytelling is Key

To tell your wedding story, I need to document your day as it unfolds. If I am tying ties or bustling your dress; I am interrupting the story of your day. I love being able to help with these things, but wouldn’t you rather I photograph it happening instead?


These Aren’t Rules

Don’t think of these tips as rules, they are meant as advice. If some of these tips don’t feel right to you or your partner, leave them behind. Only focus on the tips that will get you what you want out of your wedding day and photos! We are planning for what you want. The “best photos” are relative to each couple.


How to Navigate the Guide

Each section below has multiple tips to help you plan ahead for all parts of your wedding day. Use the arrows to click back and forth between the tips.


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Important heirlooms or relationships you want captured

How You Like Being Photographed

Do you prefer to see yourself happy or more serious in photos? Do you like your hair over your shoulders or behind? Is there a side of your face that you prefer? I will ask you many of these questions on the day, but it helps to know this ahead of time about yourself. Look back at your favorite photos of yourself and try to pick out what it is that makes you feel good about being represented that way. I want you to LOVE your photos and love yourself in them.

Weddings are full of interesting dynamics. Among the joy and celebration, there is often also loss of loved ones and fragile relationships. Knowing the details of these ahead of time can help me avoid creating any awkward or uncomfortable situations. It also gives me another level of connection to your day and ability to pick up on parts of your story that I wouldn't if unaware.

Everyone's wedding looks different, priorities and relationship dynamics included. Leading up to your wedding day I send out a questionnaire where you can fill this type of information out. Take time leading up to think about how you want to prioritize your day and if there are any unique relationships or items you want to have documented.

Most Importantly: Don't Stress and Have Fun!

Final Thoughts & Suggestions

Whether it's family drama, a freaking global pandemic, or just a good ol' dose of anxiety - every wedding has its hurdles leading up to the day. Find a way to release all of that energy when you wake up the morning of your wedding day! For some that may be a yoga routine, for others a glass of champagne... personally, I'd opt for a massage. Whatever it is that gets you into a nice and relaxed state of mind, take that time for yourself! Enter your wedding day ready to soak up the love and joy that your friends and family will have spilling over for you!

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