Gas Works Park Engagement Session at Sunrise // Seattle, WA

June 7, 2022

The light for this Gas Works Park engagement session was so soft and perfect! This light is why we get up early people!! The skyline seems almost like a watercolor painting in the background because of how soft the light is. I can’t get enough of it and am dying to have another sunrise session here.

For this engagement session they brought their dogs and let me tell you these two were quite the explorers! At one point they busted free and ran off to the lake. One of the pups actually managed to jump INTO the lake! I wish I was a faster runner, by the time I got to the shore they had already pulled him out and he was shaking the water off. This is why I love having dogs at sessions though, who could’ve predicted that would be how we ended our session? Definitely one to remember.

There are so many parks in Seattle that I love photographing engagement sessions at, but a Gas Works Park engagement session is one of a kind. There aren’t many parks that provide the same diversity of vantage points. At Gas Works, you’re able to get a skyline view, the grassy knoll, the old gas plant, the lake and the bridges! So many beautiful spots to choose from and the light at sunrise and sunset during the summer is second to none.

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