Washington Elopement Photography: Pricing & Planning Information

Every Elopement

Experience is Designed to Reflect You

So often when planning weddings we allow our friends, family and societal expectations to impact the choices that we make. With an elopement, there is less pressure to perform or entertain. This freedom allows you to focus on celebrating what is most important about your wedding day: the commitment you're making to each other.

Elopements can really look like anything! There is no formula to planning an elopement. It's more than something that can be repeated, it's an intimate, authentic wedding day that is intentionally focused on you two as a couple.


Starting at $2800

Whatever it is that keeps the day focused on and celebrating your relationship, I am here for you every step of the way. Your wedding day shouldn't feel like a rushed, stress-filled photoshoot, it should be your most exciting adventure yet! Let's truly make it the best day of your lives!

It means you do what you want! There are no rules. Throw the expectations away. Whether your dream day includes only you two, 10 of your closest friends or your family is completely up to you. Whether you start your day with a swim in a lake or end it by camping on the beach, whether you're in the city or on a mountain top.

What does it mean to create a day focused intentionally on you as a couple?

desert elopement portrait

What goes into planning an elopement?

Visualize your Elopement Day

Choose Your Elopement Location

Write a Guest List (or not)

Pick a Season then Choose Your Date

Figure Out a Budget

Hire your Elopement Vendors

Research How to Make it Legal (Marriage License)

Prepare Multiple Backup Plans

Acquire Proper Permitting for Photography & Ceremony

Book your Travel Accommodations

Plan your Elopement Timeline

Get Married!


Best Places to Elope in Washington

Helicopter Elopement Packages

Want to elope, but hiking to a private mountain top doesn't cut it? Let's take a helicopter! Pilot George and I have scouted out gorgeous alpine lakes and secluded mountain tops in order to bring you the most private and exhilarating elopement experience!