Downtown Seattle Boudoir Session // The Studio

January 5, 2022

It’s been a WHILE since my last blogged Seattle boudoir session, but I’m excited to say that I have started adding boudoir back to my schedule! This year I took on two studios in Pioneer Square and I am obsessed! It’s been incredible to have a guaranteed spot to do boudoir since oftentimes the most difficult part of planning these sessions is finding a location!

In the past to find locations I have used Peerspace, AirBnb, and hotel rooms. These are great options, but having a studio makes planning around everyone’s schedules so much easier! Not to mention, the studios are really freaking stylish and cute.

For this session we shot in the smaller, White Studio. To be honest I am having a hard time choosing which studio I prefer. They each offer something unique! With the White Studio my favorite part would definitely be the green couch and bright white floor! The windows offer an indirect light thanks to the way the buildings block the light. This is prime for some soft flattering light! Scroll through and see for yourself how great the light in there is!

Melanie rocked this session and looked absolutely stunning while doing so! If you’re interested in snagging a Seattle boudoir session, reach out!