Bridal Boudoir Session // Linsey // Seattle, Washington

May 7, 2020

Airbnb’s and hotel rooms can make for a great portrait location when you’re struggling to find somewhere with enough natural lighting. Last year, my bride Linsey and I chose an Airbnb downtown with windows that lined the wall for her boudoir portraits. Not only was there enough lighting, but we also selected the space because it had a painted exposed brick wall and wood flooring. This created a really nice clean slate for us to work with. In order to add a little life to the room, I brought along a few plants. I have started doing this more often and it really adds a nice natural element to some of the images.

One of my favorite things about doing boudoir portraits is always the reveal. I remember how excited Linsey was when she opened her gallery. She loved them so much that she actually wound up printing every. single. image. and she delivered them to her husband on their wedding day. Knowing that she loved her images so much makes me feel amazing because I believe that everyone should have a collection of images of themselves that they love.

Have you considered getting boudoir portraits done? Please reach out! I would love to help you on your way toward having a collection of portraits of yourself that you love. I want you to feel like the empowered and beautiful queen (or king) you are.

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