Couples Session at Latourell Falls // Columbia River Gorge // Outside of Portland, Oregon

March 26, 2019

 couple embraces underneath latourell falls waterfall outside of portland oregon

A little over a week ago I was in Oregon photographing a couple under a waterfall (Latourell Falls to be exact). I had planned to go and meet up in Portland with a bunch of strangers from the internet who I met in a Facebook photography group. Sounds dangerous, but in 2019 it is honestly how I make most of my friends. It’s always scary to meet someone you’ve never met in person, but meeting this group of people wound up feeling pretty natural. I think it helps that we all meet new people almost every day for our career.

Something photographers like to do together is photograph – imagine that! So while we were all there we managed to set up a few shoots. One of the amazing couples we were able to work with is these two – Melanie & Larry. They were kind enough to meet me and my crew of photographer friends at Latourell Falls for a quick little photo shoot – they even brought their pup Nala.

I had hoped to get them out close to the waterfall where the rocks have all collected, but earlier in the day when I tried to venture out there to test the slipperiness I fell flat on my butt completely soaking my jeans and giving me a nice pair of matching bruises. I decided it was safest to keep them on flat ground! Hopefully when Matt and I head back out there again this summer I can give a shoot here another go and get the chance to climb some rocks.

Check out some of the shots we were able to get! These two were effortless with each other and I am certain I have never seen a more infectious smile than Melanie’s.

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Ahhhh I LOVE those last photos of them running on the bridge. So stinkin cute! And I’m so happy you came out to the PNW and we all got to hang out!

HEY I LIKE THESE. All caps. To show you how much I like them.