Rainy Post-Wedding Portraits with Raychel + Brooke // Photography Shootout in Kentucky

September 7, 2018

 Same-sex couple Raychel & Brooke in their wedding attire embracing and laughing as rain pours down

Today I’m not sharing photos from a wedding or an engagement shoot. . . it’s actually a post-wedding shoot! Because who doesn’t want an excuse to wear their wedding dress again, right?

I went to visit my friend and fellow wedding photographer Brandi Potter in her home state of Kentucky and she had a shootout planned during my visit! For those of you who don’t know, a shootout is a planned session where multiple photographers get together to network and to take photos for their portfolio as well as work on posing/being creative/or just having a good time. I tagged along to help during the session, and I was able to snap some beautiful photos of Raychel and Brooke. They were married a few months before but they still had that newlywed glow! 

Not long after we started shooting, the rain started pouring down. We all huddled under the shelter of the trees to wait it out. The rain eventually slowed to a light drizzle, and we made our way into the field. Thankfully, my gear is weather sealed, so I was able to freely shoot in the rain.

Some photographers would be disappointed if it rained on the day of their shoot but not me! I LOVE taking photos in the rain because it adds another layer to the session. Sometimes weather doesn’t behave the way you wanted—the best thing to do is just embrace it, get wet, and have a blast. The rain made the day and these photos so much more playful than expected!

If you want to break out your wedding attire for a post-wedding shoot, I’m your girl! I promise your photos will turn out beautifully—rain or shine.

 Two women embrace with foreheads touching in woods of Kentucky

 Kentucky field and river lined with trees

 married same-sex couple embracing beneath the trees

 Brooke and Raychel smiling and embracing with eyes closed in Kentucky forest

 woman in a wedding dress with arms wrapped around her wife among trees

 smiling woman in suit with her wife hugging her from behind

 same-sex couple face each other holding hands among trees in Kentucky

 Kentucky field

 black and white photo of two married women in their wedding attire walking through field in the rain

 woman in suit lifting her wife into the air in a Kentucky field

 smiling same-sex newlyweds holding hands and walking in Kentucky field in the rain

 black and white photo of same-sex newlyweds holding hands in a field

 post-wedding photography session with newlywed couple holding hands and smiling at each other while walking in a field

 black and white photo of married women holding hands in Kentucky field

 married couple in the distance embracing and looking at each other in a field surrounded by trees

 newlywed same-sex couple walking through field surrounded by trees

 woman in wedding dress with bouquet embracing her wife walking in field with trees in background

 woman in wedding dress with bouquet looking at camera and her wife in a suit looks off in distance

 post-wedding session with two women posing in wedding attire in field with trees behind them

 newly married same-sex couple holding hands in a field after rainstorm

 happy same-sex newlyweds embracing in Kentucky field after rainstorm